“After years of permanent upgrade, I am excited to present my new cello A-case.

Lighter, stronger, and more comfortable at the same time.”

Robert Schenk, inventor and founder of Accord case and A-case.

Fully equipped, it is 2,8kg.

Between Accord standard and ultralight, but stronger than either of them (+/-150 gram depending on color, design or interior).
For custom orders, it can be made even lighter (which reduces the strength of the case), or gradually heavier up to “flight-case” strength
(weight 4,5 kg).

More ease and security in accommodating instruments.

It is wider in the waist, with deeper back, and more space for lower pegs.
Even “montagnana“ size instruments fit the same case.
Still, all this sizing is hardly visible, because those are precise changes in design with significant improvement in functionality.

Textured varnish instead of glossy.

This way it is stronger, lighter and less obvious when scratched, or dirty.

The new interior supports instrument on it’s strongest points:

-The joint of the body and neck (root) is firmly kept inside the shaped foam.
Cello slides into the chosen position, Velcro cousin is attached to the carbon “wall“.
To hold the neck in its position there is the loop made of velcro material,
certified for min. of 10 000 openings. Also adjustable and detachable.


-On another strongest point, the instrument is supported behind the end-pin.
At the bottom of the case is a foam-bar, that may be thicker or thinner, depending on the length of the end-pin.
Keeping spike a little above the bottom.

The side paddings are precisely adjustable as well. (horizontal wedges for lower, and vertical for upper bouts)
On the back are soft foam cousins, that keep the instrument floating inside the case.
Strictly avoiding “neck supports“, often harmful when case falling backward.

are light, magnet enchased with adjustable tightening. Also, can be easily removed and exchanged.


2 belts, serve as back-pack, and both are light-weight padded.

Wide key rings for security and lightness are used instead of “carabin“ hooks that has very weak point at the turning neck.

Belt holders are strong and light nylon loops, aiming to reduce metal parts on cases. Also possible to be exchanged by the user.

A large choice of colors:

Custom options, and personalization:

  • The basic price is 1500€.
  • Flight case (cca 4-5 kg) 1700€.
  • Personalization, custom patterns, “ultralight” and gradual reinforcement – pricing upon request.
  • (prices are excluded VAT)

If you have any questions or if you wish to purchase one of our Handmade Cello A-Case, do not hesitate to contact us.

+385 98 421012

A-Case Team